The Goatbox Rebels is a heavy rock trio from Toronto, Ontario.

A group of individuals from different music backgrounds/experience , who share a passion for Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Motorhead.

GBR is founded by Montreal guitarist, Ivan Westley (Eulogy/Todd’s Gene Pool/Dilute The Poison), who started off the project as a solo blues artist when he moved to Toronto in 2011. After two years of playing solo gigs around town, and on the road, releasing a Self-Titled EP cd on Northern Assembly Recordings in 2014,  he was accompanied on stage as a two piece with Nate Finucci (The Nursery/The Savilles),on drums.

Ivan & Nate’s shows together has taken on a live ‘In Your Face’ approach due to their chemistry together. And The Goatbox Rebels was getting recognition as a live act not to be missed in the Toronto area.

The music has taken a different vibe and headed in a heavier rock direction influenced by 1970’s/’80’s rock & metal.

Near the end of 2015, GBR became a three-piece band with the addition of Colin James Gibson (The Stormalongs), on Bass.

The Goatbox Rebels released an EP Cd on June 17th 2016 via Northern Assembly Recordings, entitled “Let Us All Bleed Integrity”.

The EP was recorded at Gas Station Recordings on Toronto Islands, with Dale Morningstar (The Dinner is Ruined, Gordon Downie, Barenaked Ladies), at the helm.

Later in 2016, Colin amicably left the GBR camp and was replaced with Sylvain Marquis (Farsight/Shredding Silence) from Quebec City. Sylvain’s energy  and experience has helped GBR to be a tight cohesive unit, both musically & live on stage.

The Goatbox Rebels will be heading back into the studio in April 2017, to record their first full-length album, Women, Revenge, and the Cosmos, with local Toronto Blues artist, Tim Bastmeyer, at his Grassfire Entertainment Studio in Uxbridge, Ontario.